Monday, March 31, 2014

Austin Rentals the Most Expensive in Texas

Austin is the most expensive city to be a renter in Texas, according to a study from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.  On average, a two bedroom apartment costs $1,074 in Austin, compared to $913 in Dallas and $926 in Houston.

Natalie Young, manager at our sister office, A Plus, was interviewed for KVUE's article on the subject.  Rent has been on the rise in Austin and will continue to rise as competition gets even stronger.  With 100 people moving to Austin on a daily basis, it's unlikely that new construction can keep up with demand.

Rents continue to increase and a lot of long-time Austinites aren't seeing their salaries increase enough to keep up.  Many are having to move into an older apartment, a smaller apartment, or an apartment in a different part of town to make rent affordable.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sharing a Refrigerator

Worried about sharing a refrigerator with your roommate in your new #apartment?  Don't be!  With Apartment Therapy's no-nonsense tips, there's no need to squirrel a mini-fridge away in your bedroom!

Make a decision as a group whether you are going to share food, condiments and beverages and make sure everyone is clear on the rules that are agreed upon.  When making the decision to split or not to split, discuss your at-home eating habits.  If one person eats all their meals at home while another likes to eat out all the time, splitting 50/50 will not be fair.

If you make the decision to not share, give your roommates a heads up if there is anything of yours you are okay with sharing.  Condiments are a great thing to share without too much trouble.  However, whoever is the one to use the end of the shared condiment should replace it.

Give everyone equivalent space in the refrigerator.  It could be a shelf for each roommate or just a rough estimate of how much space you can use.  Even if you keep the limits loose, be courteous and don't buy in bulk at the store.

All housemates should make sure that all food is covered to prevent odors and mold.  Make sure to wrap foods that give off a strong smell extra well.  

Label all food so it's clear which roommate leftovers belong to, both so no one eats them and so you can hound the appropriate person if something starts to go bad.

Set up a schedule for how often the fridge is cleaned, who does it, and what exactly constitutes "clean".  However, if you're the one whose food spills or leaks, clean it up whether it's your turn or not.  In addition, get rid of rotten produce weekly.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Co-Ed Roommates

There was a time when the thought of platonic friends of opposite genders living together was thought absurd, however times have changed.  It isn't unusual at all for co-ed roommates to share an apartment, but this living arrangement comes with its own unique challenges.  Global has tips for what you should think about before signing a lease with a buddy of the opposite sex.

Psychologists have found a phenomenon called the "revelation of possibility" that occurs when friends of opposite genders are in close proximity with one another.  Often friends in this situation will become attracted to one another.  This doesn't mean that it's a foregone conclusion that you will become romantically involved, or that you even want to, but it is important to be aware of this effect and try to avoid it.  Be conscious of flirty or intimate touches between you and your roommate.  A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't feel comfortable exhibiting the behavior in public or in front of a romantic partner, it's dangerous.

If either of you are in a relationship, your significant other(s) may not be so excited about the prospect of their romantic partners living together.  Have a meeting with all parties to make sure that your boyfriend/girlfriend knows there won't be any roommate hanky panky.  Also, set rules for how often each of you can bring home dates.

Make rules for modesty.  You may think it's totally fine to wander around the apartment in your undies, but your roommate may feel differently.  Set expectations now so no one is offended later.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Roommate Psychology

Want to know how having a #roommate effects you?  The New York Times has a report on the research on how the person you share your #apartment with can affect you, from research on college freshman roommates.

When both roommates are females, if one weighs more than the other, the roommate who weighs less usually gains less on average than those with a thinner roommate.  This happens because four out of five female roommates that are overweight are on a diet and those eating habits tend to rub off on the thinner roommate. This only happens with two women who live together.

In male roommate pairs, if one roommate is depressed, then the other roommate tends to become more unhappy as well.  This is most likely to happen when the depressed student doesn't share their feelings.  This doesn't mean that the non-depressed roommate will develop full-blown depression, however.  There is no such transference between roommates if they are female.

If one roommate brings a video game console to college, it lowers the other roommates grades because they will study half an hour less than those without a video game console in their room, on average.  This grade disparity leads to grade averages that are 0.2 lower than students without gaming consoles in their place.

If a non-drinker is roommates with a drinker, they are more likely to become a drinker as well, again leading to lowered grades.  There are positive benefits of roommates, though.  If roommates are of different races, this leads to an increased tolerance for people of other races and more diversity in their pool of friends.

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