Monday, June 9, 2014

Loud Roommates

#LoudRoomates aren't something you just have to live with.  Lil Miss Red shares their advice for getting your roommate to turn down the volume.

First off, talk to your roommate about how noisy they are being.  Perhaps they don't even know that they are disturbing you.  It is reasonable to expect that the television, radio or phone conversations not be so loud that you can hear them in the next room.  Living with another person naturally comes with some noise, but it shouldn't be unbearable.  There's nothing wrong with asking your roommate to listen to their music in their room or while wearing headphones.

To help mask the sound of a loud roommate, create white noise in your room through a fan, a white noise machine, a white noise app on your phone, or your own music.  Any of these solutions can help you focus or sleep when your roommate is being noisy.  Earplugs for you when you sleep and headphones for your roommate or yourself are also good items to purchase.

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