Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Austin Taxi and Ridesharing Companies

With New Year's Eve upon us, now is a great time to review Taxi Companies in #Austin and how they work.  We'll cover the commercial outfits companies as well as the newer ridesharing offerings, which are Lyft and Uber.  Prefer to take the bus or MetroRail?  Check out our post on Austin Public Transportation.  

Yellow Cab can be reached by calling 512-452-9999.  They also have an app called Hail a Cab which uses GPS to find the closest cab to you and allows you to book your cab in three taps, pay directly through the app, and track your cab in real-time.

Austin Cab Company can be reached at 512-478-2222 and is the oldest cab company in Austin.

Lone Star Cab provides several convenient ways to book a cab. You can call 512-836-4900, use their website, use the app Curb or text the pickup address to 512-831-4900.

Uber is one of the newest players in the Austin market.  Uber drivers are private citizens who agree to operate their cars essentially as cabs.  The service is called "ridesharing".  You can request a ride using the Uber app.  Beware that there is "Surge Pricing", meaning fares increase during inclement weather, rush hours, or popular events.  

Lyft is the other Ridesharing service in Austin and is booked using the Lyft app.  You can estimate your ride cost on their website.  

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