Monday, January 12, 2015

Finding Your New Place

We have created a new SlideShare to illustrate finding your new place in Austin.  If you'd rather get your information in visual form, check it out on Austin Apartment Specialists Slideshare account, or read on for a more in-depth explanation.

Austin's occupancy rate is 98%.  What does that mean for you?  Finding an apartment is a little bit trickier than before.
Rental rates are going up as an average of 120 people move to Austin each day!

So in a market like this, how do you find a place to call home?  First, figure out what your price range is.  Money determines where you can live. 

Next, pick your location?  What will your budget allow?

If you aren't familiar enough with Austin to know where to live, call an apartment locator for help!  We know all the best Austin areas and the best apartments.  

Some of the benefits of using a locator include:  assistance on finding a location that fits your lifestyle, getting the inside scoop on different management companies, gaining access to unadvertised move-in specials and availability, an agent escort to your top properties, plus help with the paperwork and lease contract.

Ready to get started with an apartment locator?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-912-8000!

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