Monday, November 14, 2016

Get your Kitchen Ready for Thanksgiving

Get your kitchen ready for Thanksgiving with these handy tips.  

Apartment Therapy suggests cleaning your refrigerator.  This is my most dreaded home cleaning task, but if you don’t do it now, you’ll be desperately trying to shove things around to make room for your Thanksgiving groceries.  You don’t need that kind of stress in your life!  So get rid of all the leftovers, expired condiments and anything that doesn’t belong.  Consider getting an ice chest to store drinks so you don’t waste precious refrigerator space.

Apartment Therapy also warns that your countertops are going to be full of items for the feast, so get to cleaning them off now.  Banish any items that aren’t absolutely necessary.  Consider getting a rolling cart to store extra items.  It can become a bar cart or dessert cart for the big day and beyond.

Clean out your pantry of any unnecessary or expired items.  Donate unexpired canned goods to a local food pantry.  Now is not the time to buy in bulk, so buy smaller packages of your necessaries to make sure you have room for all the things you’ll need for Thanksgiving.

Make sure all your dish towels and dishrags are clean and ready for the big day. Not only will they be necessary to wash all those dishes, but to clean up spills, which are inevitable.

Consider getting some fancy hand soap.  When guests come over, they’ll appreciate the touch when washing up.

Finally, on the big day, start the big event off with an empty trash. Keep a close watch on the trash throughout the day as well. People tend to just shove more trash in rather than alerting the host that it's time to empty it. By monitoring the situation (or assigning a guest to), you can avoid leaky garbage bags on the way to the trash cans.

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