Monday, October 6, 2014

Decorating for Who You Are, Not Who You Want to Be

A lot of us make the mistake of decorating our home for the person we want to be, not the person we are.  Apartment Therapy's tips help you examine what time of person you are and avoid designing your house for an unrealistic idealized version of yourself.

One of the mistakes people often make is purchasing a giant dining table in the hopes it will make them sit down to dinner or invite people over more often.  Be realistic.  If your family always eats in front of the tv, or if you hate to cook and get stressed out at the thought of large parties, save your money for something that's likely to get use.  Another kitchen-related aspirational purchase is fancy cookware.  If you bake all the time, then go ahead and get the high-end stand mixer.  But if you just make cookies at Christmas, don't waste your money or valuable counter space, on a non-essential kitchen appliance.

Often a reading nook seems like a tempting way to use an unused space in your home, but if you usually read in bed or on the couch, perhaps that spot would be better served as place for storage or a plant.
People often buy exercise equipment with the hopes that they will be inspired to use it.  However, that is usually not the case.  Unless you are already an avid exerciser, don't waste your money on a treadmill thinking the mere purchase of it will make you workout.

A lot of people's fantasies about themselves revolves around organization.  Whether it's getting a container with lots of little sections for small belongings, creating an elaborate filing system, or spending a ton of dough on a high-end closet system, just purchasing the items doesn't mean you will suddenly be organized.  Be realistic about how you live your life and what sort of systems work for you, rather than pigeonholing yourself into an idealized organizational freak that's more fantasy than reality.

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