Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding Time to Workout

Think you're too busy to workout or eat well?  Use's tips to make sure you find time for getting and staying in shape.

Make a decision to make time for your workout and then examine what is a realistic amount of time you can devote to your goals.  Then set aside time each day to do your workout, make meals, etc.  Set that time aside in advance and make reminders for yourself so you keep up with the pledge you've made to yourself.  Then do your activity no matter what.

Don't let others sabotage your new habits.  Block that time out on your calendar and plan for things that will knock you off track.  If you need to make sure you have childcare, or that your workout gear is packed, do those things in advance to set yourself up for success.

Don't be afraid to adjust what you're doing if it isn't working for you.  If you just can't get yourself up early to get in your workout, look at whether you can move it to your lunchtime or in the evening.  If the activity you're doing isn't one you enjoy, keep trying something different until you find what you love.

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  1. Moderate-force oxygen-consuming physical action for at least 30 minutes, five days out of every week, or; Vivacious force vigorous physical activity for 20 minutes, three days out of every week, or; A mix of moderate-force and energetic power. 5 Ways to Find Time for Exercise.