Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do Apartment Locators Get the Best Deals?

One of the questions clients often ask us is:  do apartment finders get the best deals?  Read on for the answer!

Apartment locators do not get a special rate or deal from apartment communities, but we know the specials at all the communities across the city. We have a database with information on which apartments are offering free rent, reduced deposits, and other discounts throughout Austin.

If you were to try and find these deals yourself, you'd likely waste a lot of gas driving to communities that don't have all the amenities you are looking for in a new home.  However, an experienced apartment locator can search for the best deals at apartment complexes with everything you are looking for before we ever leave the office.  Then we just take you to those communities that YOU want to see.  Plus, we'll drive!

Need help finding the best move-in deal for you?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

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