Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Arboretum Austin: Best Kids Activities

The Arboretum Austin is a great place for kids. 

There are tons of kids activities in the Arboretum. Best of all, you can park and walk to most of these, meaning no getting kids in and out of carseats multiple times! Here’s the lowdown on the best kids activities at the Arboretum Austin.

Feeding Ducks at the Pond

arboretum austin duck pond

Grab a cheap loaf of bread and your kiddos and you’ve got a good hour of fun at the Arboretum pond! There are ducks, geese and even turtles to delight your little ones. The steps to the pond are behind Amy’s Ice Cream. The stairs are a bit steep, so you watch your smallest kiddos carefully.

Climbing on the Cow Sculptures

arboretum austin cow sculptures

After you’re all out of bread, head back up to enjoy the cows. Sculptor Harold F. Clayton created five marble cows in the middle of a large shady picnic area in the Arboretum Austin that are perfect for kids to climb on.

Amy’s Ice Cream

arboretum austin amy's ice cream

Now that you’ve seen the bovines, it’s time for a sweet, cold treat at Amy’s Ice Cream at the Arboretum Austin! Kids will love watching the employees (who wear crazy hats), scoop ice cream with style and mix in their favorite toppings. 

Barnes and Noble

arboretum austin barnes and noble

Barnes and Noble has lots of fun, free events, like storytime, game nights, and more! Or just let your kiddo explore the kids area and find their next favorite book. 

REI Classes 

arboretum austin rei classes

Located across the highway from the Arboretum Austin, REI’s free and low-cost classes are worth getting back in your car for. Become an outdoors expert with classes on backpacking, camping, building a fire and more! 

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