Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tip for Winter

While browsing some winterizing your apartment tips online, we ran across this great one from the Des Moines Register webarticle.

Stop using your venting fans! You want to keep the moisture from your shower in the house! The moisture is great for the air that gets dried out by the heater. When you are cooking, don't turn on the vent fan that pulls that oven heat out of the kitchen, keep that warmth in!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Having Roomates

When deciding to have roommates in your first apartment or your tenth, having a clear set of rules will make the experience much better! Using accomidationforstudents.com, here is a list of important considerations.

-Be sure everyone is very clear of the terms of the lease and how each will fulfill their responsibility. Know who pays what, when it is due, and how long it will be paid.

-Set up to each pay individual portions of the rent to the landlord on a certain date and a certain place.

-Decide how meals will work. Who will grocery shop, will there be an individual effort or group effort?

-Overestimate for bills so no one is surprised when they are due.

-Plan how living arrangements will go with joint spaces. Can parties be held? When? Who is invited?

-Work with each other in deciding who will clean what and when.