Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How To Leave Your Rental Apartment When Traveling For The Holidays

The holidays can be a time for baking, enjoying the season's best music and movies, and decorating your apartment. They can also be for travelling and visiting friends and family. But this could mean leaving your apartment unattended for up to several weeks. If you don’t travel often enough to justify splurging on a home security system, here are some cost effective ways to ensure that your apartment and belongings stay safe and theft free during the holiday season.

Get to know your neighbors - When it comes to leaving your apartment for a large amount of time, your neighbors can be a huge help in reporting any suspicious activity that might come up while you’re away. Say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself; stay on friendly terms and even offer to repay the favor if they are out of town on some other occasion.

Leave The Heat On - Contrary to what you might think, leaving the heat on a low setting while you’re away is actually more beneficial than turning it off. A cold apartment can cause pipes to freeze and bust, leaving your apartment and belongings susceptible to flooding, which, if you are unable to attend to can result in a lot of damage.

Keep Your Car Free Of Valuables - If you are planning on leaving your vehicle parked outside your apartment, make sure it is free of any valuables, bags, or items that might arouse curiosity. And of course, make sure that your doors are locked.

Lock All Windows and Doors - Go around your apartment and double check every single window and door to make sure that nothing is left open or unlocked. If certain locks appear to be broken or not working well enough, talk to your apartment maintenance team to get things fixed and taken care of before you leave your home.

Leave The Lights On - Most apartment complexes have security lights installed outside the building which help keep the grounds lit. But, leaving a light on outside your apartment, and in your home, can go a long way in deterring thieves from breaking into your apartment, as it gives the appearance that someone is home.

Have The Post Office Hold Your Mail - Instead of letting your mail stack up and making it obvious that you are not home, request a “hold mail” at your local post office. You should also request the apartment management team to hold any packages, that may be delivered while you are away, in the office.

Keep Your Vacation Plans Off Social Media - Wait until you are back home before updating about your vacation and time away on Facebook and Instagram. You might have several hundred friends on social media that you don’t know well enough to trust when leaving your home unattended. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Have A Friend Check-In On Your Apartment  - If you will be gone for more than a week, leave your apartment key with a friend you can trust. This way they can check in on your home from time to time to make sure everything is okay as well as have it close by in case of an emergency.

We hope you found these tips helpful to keeping your apartment safe this holiday season. If you are looking for an apartment to call home in the Austin area, Apartment Specialists proudly leads a team of apartment locators dedicated to help you find the best apartment for your needs and budget. Our apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and the locating service is free to you. Call 512 241 1111 today!