Thursday, September 20, 2018

South Congress Construction News

South Congress is undergoing a transformation.

Hotels, stores, apartments and restaurants are all under construction on South Congress. The Austin American Statesman reports on what's new on Austin’s hottest stretch of road. 

Music Lane

south congress music lane
Photo Courtesy of Endeavor

Music Lane is a $55 million mixed-use project located around Academy Lane on South Congress. The space is projected to be ready for its first tenants next Fall. It will have retail, office and restaurant space spread over three buildings. There will also be 500 parking spaces under the building. Tenants will include Soho House, a club that requires membership, and Gelateria Gemelli. Gelateria Gemelli is a gelato and coffee shop that also has a storefront on East 6th Street.

The Muse at SoCo

south congress the muse
Photo courtesy of The Austin American Statesman

Located at 1007 South Congress, The Muse will be completed by next Spring and should open next Fall. The four-story project will have ground floor retail with office space on top. 

The Magdalena

south congress the magdelena

Liz Lambert strikes again with the Magdalena at Music Lane and Academy Drive. The successful hotelier behind Hotel San José, The Austin Motel, Hotel Cecilia and more is building her biggest project yet. The 86 room hotel is on track to open next Fall.


south congress joann's
Photo courtesy of @joannsaustin on Instagram

The new restaurant will replace the former Snack Bar space in the Austin Motel. The joint venture between Bunkhouse, Liz Lambert’s company, and McGuire Moorman Hospitality is inspired by California Diners and Tex Mex. This South Congress restaurant will serve tacos, sandwiches and salads as well as daily juices with liquor add-ins.

Saint Vincent

south congress st vincent
Photo courtesy of @kerricurtis on Instagram

This three-story mixed-use project at 1327 South Congress will open in the Spring. MadeWell is already operating on the site in the former St. Vincent Thrift Store space.


south congress maufrais
Photo courtesy of The Austin American Statesman

The family that owns Allens Boots on South Congress will take over the old Uncommon Objects building. They plan to turn it in into a retail and event space.

Kendra Scott Flagship Store

south congress kendra scott
Photo courtesy of The Austin American Statesman 

Kendra Scott has taken over the old Hill Country Weavers building at 1701 South Congress Avenue. The plan is transform the space into a retail space. There will be jewelry collections, home decor and a Color Bar where customers can make their own custom pieces. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Koenig Apartments: New Apartments On Track to Replace Old Honda Dealership

383 new Koenig Apartments are closer to reality.

The Austin Business Journal reports that the apartments are to be built on the site of an old Honda dealership. The Koenig apartments have been in jeopardy over concerns that they are in the floodplain.

However, the Austin City Council passed a new ordinance allowing apartment and parking construction in a floodplain. That means these Koenig apartments could be built.

The land has been empty for 5 years and encompasses about 5.4 acres. The Koenig apartments would be 338,000 square feet according to city records.

koenig apartments map
Photo courtesy of Google Maps

The Pearl

The developer for the Koenig apartments is Ledcor Group from British Columbia. They are planning to spend $48 million on the four-story project. It will be called The Pearl and local architect Brett Rhode will also work on the project. Rhode’s other local projects include The Independent, The Catherine, Gibson Flats and many more.

Floodplain Concerns

koenig apartments flooding

Parts of the land are in the 25 and 100 year floodplains of a tributary of Shoal Creek. While the Koenig apartments will not be in a floodplain, a 100-year flood event could flood around the building. That has the potential to strand residents.

To mitigate flood risks, the developer is building the Koenig apartments two feet above the 100 year flood plain and almost two feet above the 500 year flood plain. They are also putting in place a comprehensive flood plan for residents. It will advise residents to shelter in place in event of a flood. It will also include a flood risk notification, signs about flooding and a building management emergency response plan. However, as Austin Monitor reports, Ledcor will also create an elevated pedestrian bridge that residents can use to get to safety in case of an emergency. 

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Austin Festivals: Fall is Festival Season, Ya'll!

Austin festivals

Austin festivals are the best!

Fall is festival season and Austin festivals have something for everyone! Find a festival that fits your interests and party on, dude!

Wizard World

austin festivals wizard world
Photo courtesy of @wizardworld on Instagram

Wizard World takes place at the Austin Convention Center September 21st through 23rd. This is your chance to get your photo taken with your favorite Dr. Who or The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno. Don’t miss this chance to meet your Sci-Fi/Fantasy hero at this most magical of the Austin festivals!

Fantastic Fest

austin festivals fantastic fest
photo courtesy of @fantastic.fest on Instagram

This is the largest film festival in the country dedicated to horror, sci-fi, and action movies from across the globe. This year it takes place September 20th through 27th at venues around town. Sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse, Fantastic Fest will introduce you to movies you won’t see anywhere else!

Pecan Street Festival

austin festivals pecan street festival
photo courtesy of @pecanstreetfest on Instagram

September 22nd and 23rd, head to Sixth Street for this biannual festival. Enjoy local musicians performing on three stages, food and arts and crafts from local vendors. Best of all, there’s no entry fee!

Texas Craft Brewers Festival

austin festivals texas craft brewers festival
photo courtesy of @txcraftbrewers on Instagram

This celebration of all things Texas Beer takes place at Fiesta Gardens September 29th. Over 75 breweries from around the state will be handing out samples of their hard work. A can’t-miss Austin festival for anyone who loves local beer!

Austin City Limits Music Festival

austin festivals acl fest

Of course, no list of Austin festivals would be complete without ACL Fest. ACL takes over gorgeous Zilker Park in the heart of the city October 5-7 and 12-14. 450,000 people come to see more than 130 performances on seven stages. 

Austin Film Festival

austin festivals austin film festival
photo courtesy of @AustinFilmFestival on Facebook

The Austin Film Festival was founded to focus on screenwriter’s contributions to film. It is recognized as one of the top film festivals in the country. It takes place at the Paramount Theater, the State Theater, the Alamo Drafthouse and more around Austin. This Austin festival takes place October 25th through November 1st.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Crestview Dining, Entertainment, and Schools


Crestview is a charming neighborhood located in North Central Austin.

Crestview is popular with those looking to be close to employers both in Austin and the suburbs.  The neighborhood is close to Mopac, 183, and I-35 and the Crestview Metro Rail Station. Discover the great variety of cuisines and things to do in this classic Austin neighborhood.

Royal Jelly 

crestview royal jelly
Photo courtesy of @royaljellyatx on Instagram

This is a neighborhood bar and restaurant with specialty cocktails and craft beer.  They serve unique pub food like goat meatballs and braised beef cheeks.  Definitely not your run-of-the-mill hole in the wall!

Chago’s Carribbean Cuisine 

crestview chago's
Photo courtesy of @chagosaustin on Instagram 

Chago’s specializes in Puerto Rican cuisine.  Customer favorites include mofongo and arroz con gandules. Locals also love the friendly service that makes you feel part of Chago’s family!

Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery

crestview black star co-op
Photo courtesy of @blackstarcoop on Instagram

This unique brew pub operates as a cooperative. Employees are co-owners and are paid a living wage. That means there's no tipping!  Also, patrons can join in the fun and pledge to become co-owners in Black Star.  They have beers from breweries around the world and their own varieties brewed in-house.  Don’t miss their delicious burger and fries, which in true pub fashion are called chips. 

Alamo Drafthouse Village

crestview alamo village
Photo courtesy of @dd_apocalypse on Instagram

If you want to be entertained, this is the place to watch a movie. They have a full kitchen and bar full of delicious food and drinks. Plus, they throw out talkers, so you can enjoy your movie in peace! From the latest blockbusters to special events featuring reissues, you’re sure to find your happy place at Alamo.

Dart Bowl 

crestview dart bowl
Photo courtesy of @thedartbowl on Instagram

This Austin institution features 32 lanes and a cafe with delicious food. They are known for their enchiladas and burgers.  Unleash your competitive side with friends and family and come hungry!   


Crestview kids in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5th attend the popular Brentwood Elementary. For grades six through eight, children go to Lamar Middle School, a Fine Arts Academy. Students can receive training in visual arts, dance, music, and digital arts and media.  For ninth through twelfth grade, students attend McCallum High School. McCallum is the Fine Arts Magnet for Austin Independent School District.

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Featured photo courtesy of @stewinabowl on Instagram

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rent vs Buy: Reasons to Rent Rather than Buy

rent vs buy

Rent vs buy.

It’s a choice almost everyone is faced with in their life. While it can be a difficult choice, there are definite advantages to renting. Read on to find out why renting could be perfect for you and your budget and settle that rent vs buy debate for yourself. 

Build Your Credit

rent vs buy credit score

Credit plays an important role in your life. By paying your rent on time for a minimum of two years, you increase your credit score. That in turn makes it easier to get a lower interest rate when you do decide to take out a mortgage loan. That’s just one reason why choosing to rent in the rent vs buy dilemma can make buying easier later.

No Debt & A Chance to Save Money

rent vs buy save money

Renting an apartment will require you to pay your rent and utilities each month. However, a lease only lasts for a set period of time. Buying requires you to take out a mortgage you will be responsible for up to 30 years. Renting also avoids other expenses  such as closing costs, realtor fees, property tax, and interest payments. Renting allows you to save more money until you are ready to buy.  Use a savings calculator to determine exactly how long it will take you to save your downpayment.

Worry Less, Enjoy More

rent vs buy amenities

Every apartment complex comes with a maintenance team that stays on top of repairs. They also handle any renovations and upgrades, allowing you to worry less. That’s a definite advantage of electing to rent vs buy. You’ll also likely have access to a fitness center, saving money on a gym, and a pool, which means no admission fees. 

Afford a Better Location

rent vs buy better location

Purchasing a home in one of the most desirable areas of the city may be out of your budget. However, renting an apartment in the same area is more likely to be affordable. Plus when you rent vs buy, you can still enjoy access to better schools, a shorter commute, and other things in the neighborhood.

Downsize or Upsize According to Your Needs

rent vs buy downsize

Buying a small starter home may seem like a great idea, until children come into the picture. If you have decided to rent vs buy, you can prepare for life’s changes more easily. You can relocate to a unit with more or less bedrooms, depending on your needs, without much hassle. 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Roommate Rules: Sharing a Bathroom

roommate rules

Roommate rules are a way to keep the peace.

If you’re sharing your apartment with one or more people, roommate rules can keep fights from bubbling up. One of the most challenging things about living with people is sharing a bathroom. Read on to find out how to avoid conflict in the bathroom.

Divide the Storage Space Together

roommate rules bathroom organization

Make sure one of your roommate rules is to organize your bathroom space together. As soon as you are moved in, establish where everything belongs and where each person’s personal toiletries go. This eliminates questions about where things should go and avoids roommates accidentally using each other’s stuff. You’ll also cut down substantially on clutter by having a place for everything. 

Put a Cleaning Schedule in Place

roommate rules cleaning

Bathrooms get dirty, and if you don’t have a schedule in place, something that is everyone’s job becomes no one’s job. Post the roommate rules for who cleans what when on the inside of the bathroom cupboard or in a place that is easily accessible. You could share the bathroom cleaning each week with individual jobs, or you could alternate cleaning the entire bathroom. Another option is to chip in for a cleaning service so arguing over who cleans the bathroom is eliminated. You can even hire someone just to tackle the bathroom! 

Use an App to Split Bathroom Expenses

roommate rules splitting expenses

No one likes to run out of toilet paper or hand soap. A way to prevent this is to split your bathroom expenses using Splitwise. This handy app is great for dividing bills between roommates. Just be sure one of your roommate rules is to assign someone to purchase bathroom supplies each month! 

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