Sunday, July 29, 2012

You've Lost Your Job, What Now?

Losing your job can be a demoralizing and scary experience.  Unfortunately, with the economy not completely recovered, many people have found themselves out of a job.  Luckily, US News has some tips to help you survive a period of unemployment and get a new position as quickly as possible.

After you lose your job, take some time to focus on why.  Were you let go because you weren't working hard enough or being a team player?  Or did your company lay you off to save money?  If you were let go because of how you did at your job, think about what you could have done to be a better team player and use that to help you do well at your next job.  If it was a layoff, concentrate on companies that are doing well financially.

Next you'll want to file for unemployment to help you make ends meet until you get another position.  You should also see whether you qualify for getting COBRA to continue your health insurance that you had from your employer, or find your own individual plan.

Now look at your budget and cut out all unnecessary spending, then redo your budget to adjust to your current circumstances, factoring in what savings you have and what your unemployment is.  Then you'll need to look at other ways to save even more money.  Call your cell phone and other providers to see if you can get a discounted rate.  If you're renting an apartment, try to get a roommate or look for a cheaper apartment.  An apartment finder can help you with problems renting an apartment like not having a job.

Update your resume with your latest job, look back at your other jobs and make sure you've highlighted the experience you earned at each position, and proofread.  Then make sure your social media profile is potential employer safe, or just set  it to private.

Finally, evaluate the direction of your career and make a change if you want to.  Make looking for a position your full time job and network with others in your field so you can be sure to hear about any openings first.  Get a part-time position if necessary and learn new skills that can help you get ahead.  Use the time you have between jobs wisely and you'll be back at work in no time!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Austin Area Unemployment Rate up to 6.4 in June

The unemployment rate was 6.4 in June, but the increase is due to seasonal changes in the job market, reports.  The increase was still smaller than what it usually is for June, as well.

The main reason the number of jobless workers in the area increased over ten percent in June was because of a growing workforce due to Austin's increasing population as well as students and other people re-entering the job market in June.  This is something that happens almost every summer.

Austin did gain over 3,000 employed workers in June and if the unemployment rate is adjusted for the seasonal factors, the unemployment rate is really down slightly, to 6 percent, a .1 percent decrease from May.  Austin employers created 4,900 new jobs in June, an increase of around .6 percent from May and an increase of over 3 percent from a year ago.

Statewide, the unemployment rate was 7.0 percent in June and the nationwide rate was 8.2 percent.  So overall, Texas continues to outpace the nation in jobs.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finding the Right Apartment Stress Free

Finding an apartment can seem like a daunting task.  Where to begin?  Thankfully, has some great tips for getting that search going.

Before you begin looking at apartments, think through what you want in your new place.  Decide on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, how much closet space is necessary, how much square footage is right for you, and what features, such as a view, or architectural details, are important to you.  In addition, what locations are you interested in and how important is that location to you?  You'll also need to think about whether you need a place to park your car, what amenities are absolute deal-breakers, and if you need an apartment that allows pets.

Then think about how much you're willing to compromise on your needs.  If you need to live near work or school, what is an acceptable radius around your office or university that you want to consider buildings?  If you want storage, would you be willing to compromise and get a storage unit if you the perfect building doesn't have onsite storage?  How far away from your unit is too far when it comes to laundry facilities?  Once you've answered these questions, you're ready to begin the hunt!

Coordinate hunting with your roommates, if applicable.  You could take turns looking at units, or, if you are in a really tight market, go look at the favorites together so you don't miss out on your dream apartment.  A great way to make a search work for you quickly is to hire an Austin apartment finder.  They can take you and your roommates to look at a lot of complexes in a short amount of time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

'No Sit/No Lie' Ordinance Expansion Possible

The "No Sit/No Lie" ordinance that has been in place since 1992 downtown to deal with the city's homeless population is seen by some as a good solution to curbing drug activity in East Austin near 12th and Chicon.  The reports that the ordinance may not cure the problem and may penalize innocent people.

Neighbors in the area think the city should expand the measure, which was passed twenty years ago to keep homeless people from loitering near businesses.  However, the policy has exceptions for medical conditions and the police have to give a warning and wait thirty minutes before arresting a person suspected of violating the ordinance.  People often avoid arrest by just moving further down the street.

East Austin residents support the ordinance because it would give police a legal way to disperse the crowds that congregate near the corner and give them a way to stop people from drinking and taking drugs outside.  However, authorities say police would still have a difficult time stopping dealers and buyers, who don't remain in the area for long.

Advocates for the homeless see the "No Sit/No Lie" ordinance as abusive to the city's most defenseless populations.  They think more programs providing houses and resources for the homeless is a better solution to the loitering problem.

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