Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Austin Taxi and Ridesharing Companies

With New Year's Eve upon us, now is a great time to review Taxi Companies in #Austin and how they work.  We'll cover the commercial outfits companies as well as the newer ridesharing offerings, which are Lyft and Uber.  Prefer to take the bus or MetroRail?  Check out our post on Austin Public Transportation.  

Yellow Cab can be reached by calling 512-452-9999.  They also have an app called Hail a Cab which uses GPS to find the closest cab to you and allows you to book your cab in three taps, pay directly through the app, and track your cab in real-time.

Austin Cab Company can be reached at 512-478-2222 and is the oldest cab company in Austin.

Lone Star Cab provides several convenient ways to book a cab. You can call 512-836-4900, use their website, use the app Curb or text the pickup address to 512-831-4900.

Uber is one of the newest players in the Austin market.  Uber drivers are private citizens who agree to operate their cars essentially as cabs.  The service is called "ridesharing".  You can request a ride using the Uber app.  Beware that there is "Surge Pricing", meaning fares increase during inclement weather, rush hours, or popular events.  

Lyft is the other Ridesharing service in Austin and is booked using the Lyft app.  You can estimate your ride cost on their website.  

Looking for an apartment that's close to downtown so next year you can walk and not pay for transportation for the New Year's Eve Festivities?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Austin Public Transportation Overview

In Austin, our public transportation system isn't as great as somewhere like New York City, but we are working on it.  We have regular buses, Rapid Buses, and MetroRail, all run by Capital Metro.  Read on for an overview of Austin's public transportation system and how you can find out how to get from point A to B.  

MetroBus is the standard bus system that will take you all over Austin.  You can plan your route using their Trip Planner and pay your fare using their CapMetro App.  Then you just have to show your phone to the bus driver and go!  
Capital Metro also runs late night buses called Night Owls.  This buses run year round from midnight until 3 a.m. from Monday through Saturday to popular nighttime destinations.  Check out the schedule and plan how you can let 
CapMetro be your sober driver and prevent the hassle of trying to park downtown.

MetroRapid is a new addition to Capital Metro's offerings and can also be planned using the Trip Planner, the CapMetro AppGoogle Transit or by calling the GO line at 512-474-1200.  There are two routes on MetroRapid, 801 North Lamar/South Congress and Route 803 Burnet/South Lamar.  These buses run weekdays from 5 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., Saturday from 6 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., and Sundays from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.  MetroRapid buses use special technology to allow them to catch more green lights to stay on schedule, and they use priority transit lanes within downtown.  The buses also have free wi-fi and fewer stops so you can get some work done while you get to your destination faster.

MetroRail can be planned by using the MetroRail schedules and map.  There are nine stations along the 32-mile line and all trains stop at each station.  There are Park and Ride lots where you can leave your car at the Leander, Lakeline, and Howard stations.  You can buy tickets using the CapMetro app, on Capital Metro's website, at the Transit Store, at Retail Outlets around Austin, or at the station.  

You can take your bike on all Capital Metro transit options, but the regulations vary with each type of transportation.  Be sure to read the rules on the pages for each method of getting around.

Need help finding an apartment on a transit route that will get you to work and play easily and quickly?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists South Austin a call today at (512) 912-8000. We know all the apartments and what transit routes they are on!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Sure Christmas isn't even here yet, but for the best chance at keeping your New Year's Resolutions, you should start planning now.  Gaiam has some tips for making New Year's Resolutions you can stick to.

First of all, make a realistic goal for your resolution.  Rather than saying you'll never eat a piece of chocolate again, aim to eat healthier. Maybe have that piece of chocolate once a week as a reward, rather than eating a whole candy bar daily.

Don't make your resolution as the ball drops on New Year's Eve.  Start putting the things into place now that you will need to be successful. 

Think through how you will resist temptation before it comes up.  Have lots of strategies on hand to put into action once your willpower starts weakening.

Talking about your resolution with friends will make you accountable.  If you can find someone else who shares your goal, even better.  That way you can keep each other on the straight and narrow.

Reward yourself as you reach goals with things that align with your resolution.  For example, if you lose ten pounds or attend spin class for 3 weeks in a row, buy some new workout gear rather than going out for ice cream.

Go easy on yourself when you backslide.  Everyone makes mistakes; learn from it and move on!

Stay with your new routines.  It takes about 3 weeks for something new to become a habit and 6 months for it to be internalized and become part of you.

Finally, keep it up!  If you find yourself faltering, just recommit for a day.  By doing that again and again, you soon will be back to achieving your goal.

Is your New Year's Resolution a new apartment?  Austin Apartment Specialists can help!  Call us at 512-241-1111. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Rental Questions: Why Do Apartments Take My ID?

We are often asked why apartments take your driver's license or other identification before you tour an apartment.  There are a few reasons why they do this.

First, it's for the safety and security of the leasing agent.  In case anything happens, they want to be able to have evidence of who the agent was last with.  

Secondly, it is provides proof that the leasing office is complying with fair housing laws.  If they take an ID from one person, they have to take it from everyone who walks through the front door, regardless of age, color of skin, or gender.  
It's also included in the company policy of most major management companies because it reduces their liability across the board. 

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday Shopping in Austin

Austinites pride ourselves on shopping local, and in honor of Small Business Saturday, we're going to share a few of the local holiday art and craft fairs where you can get one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family.

Renegade Craft Fair is the weekend after Thanksgiving from 11am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Palmer Events Center.  In addition to the over 150 makers selling everything from jewelry to clothing to housewares and everything in between, there is a free photo booth, music, and food and drink for sale.  Admission is free.

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is celebrating its 14th year at the Marchesa Hall and Theatre.  It runs from November 28th through December 24th and has amazing crafts and art from over 200 local and regional artists.  Open from 10am to 10pm daily and with free admission, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list as this unique fair.

The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar has been an Austin institution for 39 years.  Running from December 16th through 24th and open 11am to 11pm daily at the Palmer Events Center, the Armadillo makes shopping an event with handmade items from more than 160 artists, plus music from 28 bands and a full bar.  Tickets are $7 and children under 12 are free. 

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has its 24th Annual Wildflower Ideas Shopping Event December 5-7th from 9am to 5pm.  Admission is free and there is a 20% discount on everything in their store.  Get a gift for the gardener or nature lover in your family and support the Wildflower Center's mission of keeping Central Texas beautiful!

What's your favorite place to shop for the holidays in Austin?  Any good Christmas fairs we've missed?  Let us know!  
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do Apartment Locators Get the Best Deals?

One of the questions clients often ask us is:  do apartment finders get the best deals?  Read on for the answer!

Apartment locators do not get a special rate or deal from apartment communities, but we know the specials at all the communities across the city. We have a database with information on which apartments are offering free rent, reduced deposits, and other discounts throughout Austin.

If you were to try and find these deals yourself, you'd likely waste a lot of gas driving to communities that don't have all the amenities you are looking for in a new home.  However, an experienced apartment locator can search for the best deals at apartment complexes with everything you are looking for before we ever leave the office.  Then we just take you to those communities that YOU want to see.  Plus, we'll drive!

Need help finding the best move-in deal for you?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Decorate Your Apartment for Free!

Decorating your apartment can cost a lot, but it doesn't have to!  With these tips from BuzzFeed, you can get a totally great looking apartment for nothing!

For art to add to your walls, search online for art that's in the public domain.  You could also order free fake signed pictures of celebrities, print out patent-design prints, use old maps, or print out your instagram as art for your walls.  Add a frame if you want to get fancy, but clipboards or even tape works just as well!  

To cover a large wall, use paint chips, newspaper cut into the shape of maps, handmade wall flowers, or a paper garland made from scraps to add color and texture to your wall surface without spending much dough.

Need an end table?  A stack of books or magazines will do nicely.  Need a place to rest your bottom?  Strap a cushion to that stack and take a seat!

Want to use old wine or beer bottles as vases but can't get the labels off?  Try nail polish remover!  

Need a rug?  Carpet squares are easy to find for free.  Use duct tape to attach them to each other for a rug made in whatever shape your imagination can come up with.

Still need more ideas for art on your wall?  Keys to your old abodes, wallpaper samples, pieces of fabric or even wrapping paper in frames make a big impression.  Think outside the box and start decorating!

Are you ready to find an apartment with plenty of space for you to get creative?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Apartments Across America Annual Conference

The Apartments Across America Annual Conference was recently held on October 23rd and 24th in Washington, DC.  Austin Apartment Specialists is a member of this organization, which brings together the leading apartment finding agencies and brokerages focused on rentals from across the country.  At the conference, rental industry professionals are able to share their knowledge on marketing, acquiring and retaining talent, and technology with one another.

Some highlights from the conference specific to the Texas Apartment Market were that Austin sees the most rentals each year, but Houston has seen the most growth in development.  In Houston, there will another 12,000 luxury apartments added by the end of the year across the city.

Natalie Young, from our sister office A Plus Apartments, attended the conference and their website won best website.  I also attended and enjoyed meeting and learning from other top apartment locators across the country.

The next Apartments Across America Annual Conference will be in October of next year in Chicago.  

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Monday, November 3, 2014

An Abundance of Apartment Construction May Lead to Rent Relief

Austin's apartment market is still super hot, but with nearly 18,000 units under construction, rents could start to cool off soon.  It could also mean the return of incentives to get renters into apartments, as the Austin Business Journal reports.

The large number of apartments that will be flooding the market in the next two quarters, which are usually slow for the apartment business, will create some market competition leading to price adjustments, concessions, and locator incentives.

Market analysts are especially concerned about the 8,000 units that are going to begin construction in the next 180 days.
The most expensive sub-market in town is Austin's Central Business District with rent averaging $2.46 per square foot.  That's expected to go even higher when The Bowie opens, where rent is more than $9,100 a month for 3 bedroom units.  448 square foot studios start at $1,545 per month.

Occupancy rates are currently at 94.8 percent, down a percentage point from a year ago.  Average rent is up to $1,070, compared to $1,007 in 2013 and rental rates are $1.26 per square foot versus $1.18 last year.  

Need help navigating Austin's tight rental market?  Austin Apartment Specialists can help you find the perfect apartment.  Give us a call today at 512-241-1111 to take advantage of our up to the minute knowledge of vacancies, amenities, and rates at all the best complexes in town!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thrifty Habits that Actually Waste Money

Often you think you are being extra frugal, but it turns out what you're doing isn't really saving money in the long run.  Apartment Therapy gives a run down of places where you may be costing yourself money.

Clipping coupons may seem like a great deal, but often you will buy things you wouldn't otherwise have just because you have a coupon for it.  Also, coupons are usually for name brand items which often have a store brand version that is much cheaper than even the price of the name brand after coupons.

Another mistake people often make is always grabbing the cheapest version of something.  This can be a mistake because the cheaper version may not last as long and need to be replaced sooner.  Think carefully about how much the item is going to cost per use or wear and if it will make sense in the long run to go with the more expensive option.

Do It Yourself isn't always the cheapest option.  Think about what materials you will need, as well as what the cost of your time will be, and you may decide that buying an already completed version makes more sense.

Another big thing that may seem cheaper is spending time to save money.  But if you drive all over town to find the best price, was your time really worth a little bit of savings?  Think about whether the money you save is worth the time and effort you are investing.

Looking for an apartment with a cheaper rent so you can save money the smart way?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What You're Forgetting to Clean

When cleaning house, it's easy to forget some things that are usually out of sight.  Apartment Therapy reminds you to clean seven places that usually don't get a good wipe down.

If you have a refrigerator with coils that can be cleaned, do so.  All that dust can keep your refrigerator from working at its best.  Find instructions here.  

If you aren't regularly cleaning your make-up brushes, you are rubbing not only old makeup, but even bacteria over your face on a daily basis.  The solution is to wash brushes with shampoo until the water runs clear and then soak them in white vinegar to disinfect them.

If you regularly skip vacuuming under your bed, like most people, that area is probably full of dust bunnies.  Vacuum under the bed on a regular basis to prevent nighttime allergies due to sleeping in such close proximity to an overload of dust.

Food, toys, change and more collects between and under couch cushions.  Remove cushions regularly and re-home all the missing items, then vacuum to get rid of dust, hair, pet fur, and dirt.

No one wants to clean grout, but the longer you wait, the worse of a job this is.  So go do it now and put it on your regular cleaning schedule to make the job more manageable.

Vent grates tend to gather dust that you don't want being circulated through your home by the air conditioner or heater.  Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth or duster.

Finally, that little groove where the window fits into the bottom of the frame gets all kind of disgusting things in it, from dust to bugs.  So clean them out!

Ready to find an apartment you can put your new cleaning skills to work on?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding Time to Workout

Think you're too busy to workout or eat well?  Use About.com's tips to make sure you find time for getting and staying in shape.

Make a decision to make time for your workout and then examine what is a realistic amount of time you can devote to your goals.  Then set aside time each day to do your workout, make meals, etc.  Set that time aside in advance and make reminders for yourself so you keep up with the pledge you've made to yourself.  Then do your activity no matter what.

Don't let others sabotage your new habits.  Block that time out on your calendar and plan for things that will knock you off track.  If you need to make sure you have childcare, or that your workout gear is packed, do those things in advance to set yourself up for success.

Don't be afraid to adjust what you're doing if it isn't working for you.  If you just can't get yourself up early to get in your workout, look at whether you can move it to your lunchtime or in the evening.  If the activity you're doing isn't one you enjoy, keep trying something different until you find what you love.

Ready to find a new apartment with a great fitness center where you can set yourself up for success?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Decorating for Who You Are, Not Who You Want to Be

A lot of us make the mistake of decorating our home for the person we want to be, not the person we are.  Apartment Therapy's tips help you examine what time of person you are and avoid designing your house for an unrealistic idealized version of yourself.

One of the mistakes people often make is purchasing a giant dining table in the hopes it will make them sit down to dinner or invite people over more often.  Be realistic.  If your family always eats in front of the tv, or if you hate to cook and get stressed out at the thought of large parties, save your money for something that's likely to get use.  Another kitchen-related aspirational purchase is fancy cookware.  If you bake all the time, then go ahead and get the high-end stand mixer.  But if you just make cookies at Christmas, don't waste your money or valuable counter space, on a non-essential kitchen appliance.

Often a reading nook seems like a tempting way to use an unused space in your home, but if you usually read in bed or on the couch, perhaps that spot would be better served as place for storage or a plant.
People often buy exercise equipment with the hopes that they will be inspired to use it.  However, that is usually not the case.  Unless you are already an avid exerciser, don't waste your money on a treadmill thinking the mere purchase of it will make you workout.

A lot of people's fantasies about themselves revolves around organization.  Whether it's getting a container with lots of little sections for small belongings, creating an elaborate filing system, or spending a ton of dough on a high-end closet system, just purchasing the items doesn't mean you will suddenly be organized.  Be realistic about how you live your life and what sort of systems work for you, rather than pigeonholing yourself into an idealized organizational freak that's more fantasy than reality.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job

Losing your job can be a demoralizing and scary experience.  Luckily, US News has some tips to help you survive a period of unemployment and get a new position as quickly as possible.

After you lose your job, take some time to focus on why.  Were you let go because you weren't working hard enough or being a team player?  Or did your company lay you off to save money?  If you were let go because of how you did at your job, think about what you could have done to be a better team player and use that to help you do well at your next job.  If it was a layoff, concentrate on companies that are doing well financially.

Next you'll want to file for unemployment to help you make ends meet until you get another position.  You should also see whether you qualify for getting COBRA to continue your health insurance that you had from your employer, or find your own individual plan.

Now look at your budget and cut out all unnecessary spending, then redo your budget to adjust to your current circumstances, factoring in what savings you have and what your unemployment is.  Then you'll need to look at other ways to save even more money.  Call your cell phone and other providers to see if you can get a discounted rate.  If you're renting an apartment, try to get a roommate or look for a cheaper apartment.  An apartment finder can help you with problems renting an apartment like not having a job.

Update your resume with your latest job, look back at your other jobs and make sure you've highlighted the experience you earned at each position, and proofread.  Then make sure your social media profile is potential employer safe, or just set  it to private.

Finally, evaluate the direction of your career and make a change if you want to.  Make looking for a position your full time job and network with others in your field so you can be sure to hear about any openings first.  Get a part-time position if necessary and learn new skills that can help you get ahead.   Use the time you have between jobs wisely and you'll be back at work in no time!

Want to find a new apartment to help reduce your expenses in a time of under-employment?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Criminal History and Qualifying for an Apartment

Criminal History is one of the criteria apartment complexes use to qualify applicants for an apartment.  There are two types of criminal history, misdemeanor and felony.  Apartment complexes will consider which type the crime is, as well as the seriousness of the crime, when looking at your criminal history.

In general, apartments are more flexible with misdemeanors, but it really depends on the type of misdemeanor, A,B, or C.  Generally, the more aggressive misdemeanors are going to be more difficult to find an apartment for, especially assaults and some drug charges.  DWIs and traffic violations don't really penalize you unless your DWI or DUI turns into a felony.  

A lot of apartment complexes will work with non-aggressive misdemeanors, but they especially frown upon misdemeanors that include a crime against a person or property, including theft.  Time plays a factor as well.  If a misdemeanor is more than five or ten years old, most management companies will be more flexible with allowing someone to rent an apartment as long as they meet the other qualifying criteria.  This is why it's really important that you talk to an apartment locator so they can place you at properties that will work with you.  

Felonies can be a little bit trickier to work around.  Only around one to two percent of the properties in Austin will work with a felony charge.  Most of the properties that will work with a felony charge are really going to consider the age of the felony.  Someone who has a twenty-year-old felony is still going to have a hard time finding a place to live, but you will have a few more options than someone with a much more recent felony.  If ten years or longer has passed, there are quite a few management companies that will consider your application.  However, sometimes if the felony is aggressive, like a felony assault, it will pose a problem no matter how much time has passed since conviction.

If you have any sort of criminal history in your background, it's best to divulge that to your apartment locator so they can help place you in the right place without wasting your time or your money on application fees.

Worried about qualifying for an apartment because of something in your past?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111 for the best possible chance at finding a new home.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hosting Parties in a Small Apartment

A small apartment can play host to parties, you just have to plan right.  Zillow.com helps you have a successful gathering even in a studio or one bedroom.

Your best type of party to have is a small dinner party.  Keep the guest list short, around four to six people, and serve simple dishes that will allow you to play host or hostess rather than cook.  Pasta or soup, salad and bread are great choices that can even be eaten on the couch if you don't have a large table.  Throw in wine and dessert to please a crowd.  Other options are drinks and appetizers at your place before you go out for a big event. 

Cleaning your apartment for guests is much easier in a small space, but you have less storage space for stuff you don't want people to see.  A great storage option you probably haven't thought of is your bathtub!  You can store anything you don't want guests to see there.  Just don't forget to shower BEFORE piling in the clutter.  Moving large furniture out of the living room into your bedroom will allow  more room for guests to circulate.  You can throw guests' coats on your bed yourself so they don't see your furniture-stuffed room.  Also, keep the television off and put chairs in front of it facing away from the tv.

When it comes to food, choose stuff that won't stain if it spills.  In other words, save the red wine and dips for another time.  Snacks that don't require plates or utensils are great like chips, olives, cheese, crackers and fruit that's already cut up.  Beer and soda in bottles or cans cut down on glassware and food that can be prepared ahead of time keeps you out of the kitchen so you can enjoy your guests.  Rather than using a buffet, place food throughout the party so guests can get food easily from wherever they are.

Finally, be considerate of your neighbors and noise levels.  Warn them about the party ahead of time and ask them to let you know if it gets too loud or, better yet, invite them!  Choose some great tunes to be played at a reasonable volume and you're on your way to a lovely evening!

Looking for a new apartment where you can have a party?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids is even more stressful than a usual move.  Children often don't understand why they are moving and usually have little or no say in what's happening.  About.com has tips to help you make this upheaval smoother for the smallest members of the family

Make it clear to your children that they can ask you questions and answer their questions clearly and honestly with lots of specifics.  This will help your child feel more comfortable with this big change.  Make, or encourage your child to make, a plan for their room and tell them as much as you can about their new apartment or house.  Tell them they can use the plan, as well as paper representations of their furniture and belongings, so they can play with where they want to put things in their new room.

Help your child make an address book with addresses of all their friends and important people in their lives so when they get to their new city they can still contact them by email or mail.  Also, help your child say goodbye to their friends by hosting an event or events where they can see their friends one last time.  Involve your child in the process so the event reflects what they are most comfortable with. 

Need help finding an apartment where everyone in your family will feel comfortable?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Minimum Commute, Maximum Lifestyle: Where To Rent When You Work at Freescale Semiconductor

This is the eleventh in a series of articles titled ‘Minimum Commute, Maximum Lifestyle’ and will be focused on Freescale Semiconductor Ltd  (NYSE:FSL).  This series focuses on area employers and rental options located nearby so employees can reduce their commutes to work.

Thousands of people move to Austin or relocate within Austin every year because of job changes.  In a city growing by 110 people per day, the complaint we hear most often centers around traffic.  The majority of the renters we see are hoping to find an apartment that fits their lifestyle and allows for a reasonable commute to their place of work.  With that in mind, we wanted to give some insight into Austin’s largest employers and the rental options that surround them.

Freescale Semiconductor designs and produces hardware and software for the automotive, networking, industrial and consumer markets at its Austin headquarters.  Started as a division of Motorola, Freescale became its own company in 2004 and was one of the first semiconductor companies in the world.  Freescale is going to begin manufacturing an accelerometer designed to more easily monitor how industrial machinery is working. 

Freescale employs people in a wide variety of positions at its Austin headquarters, including Photo Equipment Engineers (Median Annual Salary $58,738 for an Equipment Engineer I), IT System Administrators (Median Salary $86,491 for a UNIX Administrator), Manufacturing Operators (Median Salary $29,316 for a Manufacturing Technician I),  and many more.  All salary information from Salary.com for 78735, Freescale's zip code. 

Freescale employees have many options for lunch near their Southwest Austin headquarters.  Jack Allen’s Kitchen is less than two miles away and is a locally owned restaurant serving creative twists on American fare using all fresh, locally sourced and in-season ingredients.  Just a mile away is Thai Taste, which cooks flavorful Thai food like curries and Pad Thai in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

For getting together for drinks after work with coworkers, Red’s Porch is just five miles away on South Lamar and has delicious pub food, a large beer selection, and fantastic sunset views from the second story bar.  Hecho in Mexico is another popular choice for Mexican food and anything from beer to margaritas.

Save time on your commute to work at Freescale by living at one of the gorgeous apartment communities close to Freescale.
  • Hudson Miramont Apartments were built in 2004 and are just five minutes away from Freescale off Southwest Parkway. Units range from 1-3 bedrooms and 704 to 1,327 square feet and feature full-sized washer dryer connections, ceiling fans, and vaulted ceilings.  This gated community has covered parking, a pet park, scenic views, and a fitness center.
  • IMT Monterey Ranch Apartments are just 6 miles away via William Cannon Drive and Highway 290.  Built in 2001, this beautiful community features apartments ranging from a studio to 3 bedrooms and in size from 498 square feet to 1160 square feet.  IMT has hiking trails, five sparkling pools, 2 playgrounds, complimentary tennis lessons, and indoor basketball court, and  a kids' club activity room and learning lab.  Units feature large walk-in closets, private balconies or patios, and short-term leases are available.
  • Estancia Apartments are 9 minutes from Freescale via 290 and 71 and were built in 2009.  Apartments are from 1-3 bedrooms and 686 to 1,310 square feet and feature open floor plans, garden tubs, washer/dryer connections, and faux wood floors.  Estancia is a gated community that welcomes pets, has stunning hill country views, door to door trash removal, carports and garages.
  • Vineyard Hills Apartments are a quick 7 minute drive away on 290 and have 1-3 bedroom apartments ranging from 640 to 1,315 square feet.  Built in 2000, this gated community has a clubroom, heated spa, wireless internet by the pool, movie rental service, and garages.  
  • The Park at Monterey Oaks were built in 2000 and are 10 minutes from Freescale off Loop One.  Apartments range from 1-2 bedrooms and 696 to 1,267 square feet and feature washer-dryer connections, available attached garages, granite countertops, available fenced backyards, and ceiling fans in the living and bedrooms.  This gated community has a large nature park and walking trail that is also a dog park, resident lounge with complimentary coffee, tea, and breakfast bar, two playscapes, and boat parking. 
  • Sedona Springs Apartments, built in 1996, are three miles from Freescale via William Cannon and Mopac.  1-3 bedroom apartments are available from 647 square feet to 1,248 square feet.  Units have large walk-in closets, all electric kitchens, 9 foot ceilings, private balconies and patios, and wood burning fireplaces are available.

These communities are just a few of the rental choices available to Freescale employees.  Our database features the most accurate and up-to-date pricing and availability for thousands of apartments across the city.  We know that finding an apartment that allows for a short commute to work, has the amenities you want, and fits into your budget can be difficult.  Our job as apartment locators is to provide valuable insight into each of your rental options so you can choose the best apartment the first time.  Our services are free for our clients and can save you valuable time when you are searching for a rental.  Call (512) 912-8000 today to schedule your appointment or visit www.austinapartmentspecialists.com to find out more about our apartment locator services. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Austin Renters Should See Rate Relief Soon

Rent in Austin continues to rise, but the pace seems to be slowing a bit.  That's good news for renters who have seen a tight market make apartment hunting a competitive sport.  I was recently interviewed by the Austin American Statesman for their article on the current state of the rental market in Austin.  

In the first six months of 2014, 5,800 new apartment units finished construction, a huge increase over last year, which saw just 6,091 new units completed.  About 7,100 apartments are due to open in the second half of 2014 and about 6,400 next year.  In total, 17,000 units are under construction across 64 projects.

Despite all this new construction, finding an apartment in our clients' budgets can be challenging because most of the availability is in Central Austin where rents are much higher.

I recently helped a pair of roommates find an apartment and had to make several calls to find a community with vacancies.  Luckily, Austin Midtown, which is behind Northcross Mall, had a unit available immediately for just under $1,200. The pair pounced on it.  

Apartment hunters looking for moderately priced units need to be prepared to move in immediately and sign longer leases, 12 months or more.  Most have to compromise on price or location to get into an apartment.

Don't be intimidated by the tight Austin rental market.  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111 and let us help you find an apartment that fits your needs and desires.