Friday, May 20, 2011

Renting with an Eviction

Unlike a broken lease which appears solely on your credit report, an eviction is a legal judgement against you where the landlord had to file through the courts to forcibly have you removed from the rental property.  Evictions are typically the result of at least 30 days, but up to 45 days, of accumulated unpaid rent.

In the state of Texas, the eviction process has four steps:
1) The Notice to Vacate:  A letter to you as the tenant informing you of the eviction proceedings
2) The Filing: The landlord will file an eviction suit against you
3) The Court Ruling: The court decides on the suit in favor of either the landlord or the tenant
4) The Writ of Possession: If the court ruling is in favor of the landlord and you, as the tenant, do not vacate the property, then the landlord may file  to obtain a court order to the Constable to place themselves in possession of the property and have you forcibly removed.

Regardless of the reasons behind an eviction, they are universally frowned upon by prospective landlords.  If you are trying to rent with an eviction in your rental history you will have very limited options when it comes to Austin apartments.

If you have an eviction on your rental history and an apartment does accept your application you will mostly likely have to pay a higher deposit of 1-2 months rent.

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