Saturday, September 8, 2012

Relax and De-Stress At Home

Relaxing and de-stressing at home seems like a natural thing to do, but sometimes we walk in the front door to find so much undone work that it can feel like coming home is the start of a second job.  Apartment Therapy helps you to find peace with your home and find "real comfort."

Try making an appointment with yourself to unplug and unwind in your apartment or house.  Put it in your calendar and treat it like any other meeting by not scheduling anything at that time.  You may feel like it's indulgent to take care of yourself, but the truth is you need "me" time to make sure you are at your best both physically and mentally.

During your weekly appointment, completely turn off all your devices:  phone, computer, tv, etc.  This is about staying away from technology and all those intrusions in modern life.  This is time to spend alone, so select a time when those who dwell with you are gone, or lock yourself in your room.  Don't feel bad about hanging up a sign saying, "intrustions under penalty of death!"  However, you can allow in your furry four-legged friend.  Time with your pets can really add to your feeling of happiness and well-being.

Write down what makes you happy and pick something from your list to do during your hour each week (or go crazy and add ANOTHER hour).  For no less than 60 minutes, take the time to indulge in something that you find completely relaxing:  reading, bathing, painting, etc.  Make sure it recharges your batteries and resist the temptation to sneak in that unplugged technology.

When you're done with your time, write three adjectives that describe how your experiment was.  This little task will make you more likely to follow through and help you realize why this me time is so important.

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