Monday, January 26, 2015

Keeping your Apartment Clean and Organized

Keep your apartment clean and organized with this simple advice from Apartment Therapy.  

Don't touch something more than once.  In other words, if you have something in your hand, go ahead and put it away, clean it, or make a determination about it while you are holding it.  Every time you touch something again, you've wasted more time.

Procrastination is the enemy.  Finish projects entirely rather than leaving them almost done and hanging over your head.
Clean your kitchen, sewing, or crafting project up as you go.  Otherwise, you'll have a discouraging mess when you are done.

If you are trying to organize a space, take everything out of it and start fresh.  This allows you to visually strategize how to fit everything in its space and easily throw away items you don't need anymore.

When you create an organizational system, be sure it is something that you can maintain.  Otherwise, chaos will invade and reign once again.

Finally, don't leave dishes in the sink.  Load the dishwasher and handwash necessary items as soon as they are used.  Fresh dishes are easier to get food particles off of.  When you are done, go ahead and clean the sink as well.

Ready to find a new apartment you can put your new cleaning and organizing skills to work in?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists a call today at 512-241-1111.

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