Monday, March 9, 2015

Keeping Counters Clutter-Free

Are your kitchen counters constantly full of stuff? Do you have to clear them off just to make a sandwich?  Then check out Apartment Therapy's tips for keeping counters free of clutter!

As you cook, clean the dishes and utensils you are using. It's much easier to clean as you go and you'll have more energy than if you wait until after dinner is finished and you're experiencing a food coma.

Do you have a proper landing strip by your front door with a place for everything?  If not, you may find your counters covered in whatever you slap down as soon as you walk in the door.  Make sure you have a place for everything when you walk in the door to prevent this.

Look for ways to save space in your kitchen, like sponge holders that attach by suction cups to your sink, wall organizers that hang on your backsplash, and cup hooks that attach under the cabinets.

Every night before you go to bed, make sure everything is cleared off your counters.  Put the dishes in the dishwasher and return any items that don't belong to the proper place so you can start the day fresh.

Put away appliances that you rarely use in the cabinets, if there's room.  Sure, you use your coffeemaker every day, but that blender or crepe maker sees a lot less action and can be put away for most of the time.

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