Monday, June 8, 2015

Quick, Inexpensive Fixes for an Apartment Bathroom

Is your #apartment fantastic, but your bathroom is less than stellar?  Check out Apartment Therapy's suggestions for jazzing up a rental bathroom.

Replacing your light fixtures is easier than you think, and cheaper.  Check out IKEA for a lot of unique, affordable choices.  Just hold onto your old light fixtures so you can put them back when you move.

A replacement toilet seat will only cost a few bucks and will make your bathroom feel new.

If you're allowed to, painting the walls a cheery color or just a glossy white can go a long way towards making it feel more luxurious.  Similarly, if your landlord allows it, painting the vanity can also make the room look like a million bucks instantly.

Even if you can't paint your vanity, changing out the knobs and pulls can really make things look up-to-date.  Just hold onto your old knobs to replace them when you move out and you can take your replacements to your next home!

Replacing your mirror is another great way to bring your renovation-starved bathroom into the 21st century.  Check garage sales and thrift stores for affordable finds you can transform with a coat of paint or leave as is for a vintage look.  Landlord says no?  Try hanging a mirror OVER the mirror that's already there.  Just be sure to use a lightweight one.  Or 
you can use molding with peel and stick mounting tape to make the mirror you have look special.

Do a deep clean on your grout to get rid of the ick and re-caulk to banish moldy caulk for a fresh, clean start!

Finally, new towels, bathmats, and art can really make a place look great and won't change the room in a permanent way at all!

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