Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pet Proof Your Apartment On A Budget

If you are a pet owner, and are living in an apartment, you know that it can be pretty challenging to both care for your pet, and keep your home and belongings in good condition. Not all apartment complexes have units available for pet owners; and those that do usually require a pet deposit that generally start at around $200. However, the joy of having a pet so often supersedes the challenges. So, if you are looking for easy and budget friendly ways to pet-proof your apartment, keep reading the list below!  

  1. Pet Safety Gate: Carlson extra wide walk thru gate with pet door $39.99 - This is an easy way to block off the upstairs, or certain rooms in the house that you do not want your pet to enter.
  2. Inside Pet Proof Trash bin: Simplehuman semi-round step trash can $49.98 - This trash-can comes with a locking feature that will keep your pet from easily accessing it and making unwanted messes.
  3. Cover Power Chords: Mommy’s helper power strip safety cover $6.88 - Cover up those power chords and quickly prevent damage and accidents.
  4. Safety Locks: Child safety locks for baby-proofing cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilet seat, fridge, oven and more $19.95 - Use these to cordon off any area that would be dangerous for your pet to get into.

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We hope you found these tips useful for pet proofing your home when on a budget. If you are currently looking for a pet friendly apartment to call home, Apartment Specialists has been leading the way in apartment locating in Austin for almost 20 years. Our apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and our locating service is free. Give us a call today at 512 241 1111.

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