Thursday, June 9, 2016

Match Your Apartment To Your Lifestyle: The Children Edition

There are always a variety of reasons for moving. Sometimes it’s due to new job openings, career changes, or family obligations. But whatever the reason, if you have children, then finding a location that includes good schools, safe neighborhoods, and kid-friendly entertainment nearby will all be key factors for you.

For most parents, ensuring your children are in a good school district and have access to an excellent education is high on the list of priorities. So in this post, we will highlight several wonderful apartment complexes that not only offer some great amenities, but are also close to some of the best schools in Austin. We’re sure that these locations have something that will fit the needs of both parents and kids alike!

Meritage at Steiner Ranch - Northwest Austin
Located in the northwest side of Austin, Meritage at Steiner Ranch is a gorgeous new complex that is ideally situated next to beautiful scenery while also including some of the best schools in the area. Residents remain in Austin city limits, but are a part of the Leander School District which boasts some of the best schools  of the district. For high school, there is Vandegrift, for middle school there is Canyon Ridge, and for elementary there is Steiner Ranch Elementary.
But there is a lot more to the area than just schools. If you enjoy boating, swimming, or just having access to the water, Lake Travis is only minutes away. If you enjoy golf surrounded by rolling hills and luscious greens, the UT Golf Club is in the neighborhood. Or, if you like to shop, check out the Hill Country Galleria. Of course, you can also stay home and enjoy the indoor pool, tot lot, and movie theater right there in the apartment complex. Who knew staying home could be so easy?

Gables at the Terrace - South Austin
If you need to remain closer to downtown for work or other reasons, Gables at the Terrace is another excellent choice for living well, while also remaining close to great schools. Located right off MOPAC, this complex is near to the Barton Creek Square Mall as well as Zilker Park, so you can get your shopping done and stay fit without going too far from home! There are also biking and hiking trails, the downtown night scene, and easy access to almost anything in the city.
The complex offers a multi-level pool, so the kids will be able to stay active as well. But there are also multiple floor plans and luxury options to make life easier for you. Again, while this spot is just moments away from downtown, the complex is within the award winning Eanes ISD, so education won’t have to take a back burner!

Pointe 360 Apartments - North/Central Austin
Pointe 360 Apartments are nestled just off the 360 and 2222 junction. The complex remains quiet and tucked away in the Northwest Hills area of Austin while still retaining easy access to major hubs. The apartments feature direct access garages, and since space is always a big factor for families, this allows for extra room and convenience! The complex also features a gym, pool, hiking trails, and is located close to the Arboretum shopping center.
Unlike the previous two options, this complex remains within the Austin ISD, but like the others, the schools are all top of the line. Hill Elementary has been a blue ribbon school for over a decade. Murchison school has also remained at the top tier and is growing. Finally, Anderson High School is the only International Baccalaureate in Austin and is also one of the best schools in the city. Overall, you really can’t go wrong living in this area!

Moving with kids can be a busy, and often stressful, venture for the best of person. So we hope that we have made your life just a bit easier by offering some suggestions of great apartments near excellent schools. And, if you want to make your life even easier, make sure to contact one of our experienced apartment locators who can give you the full list of possible apartments and locations to best suit your needs and family! Call us today at 512 241 1111!


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