Monday, July 18, 2016

New Downtown Austin Apartments for the Car Free Lifestyle

A new Austin development will be revolutionary because it will be the first to be built downtown without any parking, The Austin American Statesman reports.  Already, 12.3 percent of those who rent a downtown apartment decline to rent a parking space.  
The Avenue will have 30 stories and include 135 luxury one and two bedroom apartments.  There will also be 5 floors of office space, a restaurant, a bar, and a music venue in the basement.  However, there will not be any space for parking in the development.
With all the amenities that downtown has to offer, a car isn’t necessary for inhabitants and Austin City Council has already eliminated parking requirements for projects downtown.  
The Avenue is located at Congress and 8th Street and is slated to begin construction on May 1, 2017.  It is expected to take two years to build and cost between $55 and $60 million.  
The apartments in the community are set to be micro-units of 420 to 970 square feet.  Accordingly, rent will be about 15 percent less than downtown’s average one bedroom rate of $2,200.  Amenities will include a pool, rooftop deck, gym, and community room.  
The developers of the Avenue will provide the Paramount and State theaters, which are located next door, with administrative space, dressing rooms, classrooms and more.  
Although the carless residential concept is radical in Austin, it has been successful in other cities including Seattle, Portland, New York and Denver.  
If you’re looking to go carless in Austin, an apartment locator can help you find an apartment that suits that lifestyle.  We can help you find an apartment that is:
-near your work so you can walk or bike to the office.
-on a bus line so when you do need to travel, you can do so easily on public transportation.
-in an area with bike lanes and sidewalks so you can get around safely without a vehicle.
-near amenities like grocery stores, schools, and restaurants.
Ready to start that car free lifestyle?  Give Austin Apartment Specialists South Austin a call today at 512-200-7535.

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