Thursday, August 10, 2017

Austin's Tight Rental Market

One of our agents, John Gutierrez, was recently interviewed by KEYE’s Fred Cantu about the tight Austin apartment market after an apartment fire in the East Riverside area.

The apartment fire took place at University Estates on July 26th and damaged three units, leaving 12 people without a place to live.  Thankfully no one was injured, but it leaves this apartment complex with three less apartments to rent just as the rental market heats up with college students returning for the fall semester.

John spoke to the fact that even though apartment construction is booming in Austin, there is still not enough supply to keep up with demand.  

This problem is particularly pronounced for renters caught with a short time table to find a new place.  These renters may have difficulty finding an apartment that fits their needs.  They are often only able to pick from the apartments others have already looked at and chosen not to rent.  While there are apartments in every neighborhood, the available ones for those with tight time constraints may may not fit apartment hunters’ budgets.

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