Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Roommate Rules: Sharing a Bathroom

roommate rules

Roommate rules are a way to keep the peace.

If you’re sharing your apartment with one or more people, roommate rules can keep fights from bubbling up. One of the most challenging things about living with people is sharing a bathroom. Read on to find out how to avoid conflict in the bathroom.

Divide the Storage Space Together

roommate rules bathroom organization

Make sure one of your roommate rules is to organize your bathroom space together. As soon as you are moved in, establish where everything belongs and where each person’s personal toiletries go. This eliminates questions about where things should go and avoids roommates accidentally using each other’s stuff. You’ll also cut down substantially on clutter by having a place for everything. 

Put a Cleaning Schedule in Place

roommate rules cleaning

Bathrooms get dirty, and if you don’t have a schedule in place, something that is everyone’s job becomes no one’s job. Post the roommate rules for who cleans what when on the inside of the bathroom cupboard or in a place that is easily accessible. You could share the bathroom cleaning each week with individual jobs, or you could alternate cleaning the entire bathroom. Another option is to chip in for a cleaning service so arguing over who cleans the bathroom is eliminated. You can even hire someone just to tackle the bathroom! 

Use an App to Split Bathroom Expenses

roommate rules splitting expenses

No one likes to run out of toilet paper or hand soap. A way to prevent this is to split your bathroom expenses using Splitwise. This handy app is great for dividing bills between roommates. Just be sure one of your roommate rules is to assign someone to purchase bathroom supplies each month! 

Did you find these tips for sharing bathroom space with a roommate helpful? We hope so! Apartment Specialists South Austin can help you and your roomie find the perfect apartment to enact your roommate rules. Give us a call today at 512-912-8001 to take advantage of our free apartment locator services!

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