Monday, August 18, 2014

Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids is even more stressful than a usual move.  Children often don't understand why they are moving and usually have little or no say in what's happening. has tips to help you make this upheaval smoother for the smallest members of the family

Make it clear to your children that they can ask you questions and answer their questions clearly and honestly with lots of specifics.  This will help your child feel more comfortable with this big change.  Make, or encourage your child to make, a plan for their room and tell them as much as you can about their new apartment or house.  Tell them they can use the plan, as well as paper representations of their furniture and belongings, so they can play with where they want to put things in their new room.

Help your child make an address book with addresses of all their friends and important people in their lives so when they get to their new city they can still contact them by email or mail.  Also, help your child say goodbye to their friends by hosting an event or events where they can see their friends one last time.  Involve your child in the process so the event reflects what they are most comfortable with. 

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