Monday, August 25, 2014

Hosting Parties in a Small Apartment

A small apartment can play host to parties, you just have to plan right. helps you have a successful gathering even in a studio or one bedroom.

Your best type of party to have is a small dinner party.  Keep the guest list short, around four to six people, and serve simple dishes that will allow you to play host or hostess rather than cook.  Pasta or soup, salad and bread are great choices that can even be eaten on the couch if you don't have a large table.  Throw in wine and dessert to please a crowd.  Other options are drinks and appetizers at your place before you go out for a big event. 

Cleaning your apartment for guests is much easier in a small space, but you have less storage space for stuff you don't want people to see.  A great storage option you probably haven't thought of is your bathtub!  You can store anything you don't want guests to see there.  Just don't forget to shower BEFORE piling in the clutter.  Moving large furniture out of the living room into your bedroom will allow  more room for guests to circulate.  You can throw guests' coats on your bed yourself so they don't see your furniture-stuffed room.  Also, keep the television off and put chairs in front of it facing away from the tv.

When it comes to food, choose stuff that won't stain if it spills.  In other words, save the red wine and dips for another time.  Snacks that don't require plates or utensils are great like chips, olives, cheese, crackers and fruit that's already cut up.  Beer and soda in bottles or cans cut down on glassware and food that can be prepared ahead of time keeps you out of the kitchen so you can enjoy your guests.  Rather than using a buffet, place food throughout the party so guests can get food easily from wherever they are.

Finally, be considerate of your neighbors and noise levels.  Warn them about the party ahead of time and ask them to let you know if it gets too loud or, better yet, invite them!  Choose some great tunes to be played at a reasonable volume and you're on your way to a lovely evening!

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