Monday, May 11, 2015

Clean Your Apartment in Half an Hour

Cleaning your #apartment is probably last on your list of fun things to do.  So read on for's tips on how to clean your apartment in 30 minutes!  First step is to put on some fun music to make you go faster and take your mind off the drudgery of cleaning.

Begin in your bathroom by putting away any items on the tub ledge, sink and on the back of the toilet.  Spray a foaming cleanser all all the surfaces and allow it to work while you do other chores.  Wipe down your mirror with a glass cleaner and use the same product to clean any chrome surfaces.  Wipe off the foam cleaner, and give the toilet seat and sink an extra good scrub.  Be sure everything is put away and close your shower curtain.

In the bedroom, make up your bed and put any dirty laundry into the hamper.  Take anything else that doesn't belong and put it away.

The kitchen will probably need the most attention.  First put any dishes that you've gathered from around your apartment in the dishwasher, then wipe down all the surfaces with disinfectant wipes or paper towels and a spray cleaner.  Put away any objects that don't belong in the kitchen.

The living room is another vital area, as guests will be likely to congregate there.  Get rid of clutter and trash, then quickly vacuum floors, wipe down bookcases, tables, and the entertainment center, and put away any objects that don't belong, paying special attention to the entryway.  

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