Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom

When you have a small bedroom, especially if you also live in a small #apartment, you need to maximize every inch of the room.  Sometimes your bedroom has to serve double-duty as an office as well.  Check out About.com's suggestions for making the most of your bedroom.

If you need a desk in your room, consider putting it next to your bed and using it also as a bedside table.  Or maybe you need more storage for your clothing.  How about using a chest of drawers as your bedside table?  Keep in mind your nightstands need not be identical.

In a small room, organization is even more important than usual.  By regularly going through your belongings and paring them down to the absolute essentials, you will find it easier to find room for what you do have.  Visual clutter like power cords can make a space feel smaller, so take care to organize and hide them.

Under the bed is an often-overlooked area for storage.  Use bins with lids to store out-of-season clothes, gift wrapping and craft supplies, Christmas decorations, or anything that you don't need on a daily basis.

Think of how your furniture can do double-duty:  a dresser can also be a standing-height desk, bookshelves can be a vanity, and a chest or ottoman at the end of the bed can be a filing cabinet or store extra blankets.  

Use a variety of lighting sources to make your room larger, from floor lamps to table lamps to sconces.  Make sure you can turn lights on and off individually so you can have lights for working and lights for sleeping.

Finally, in a small space, always look to the walls for storage.  Picture ledges are great for art and makes the eye look up and visually elevate shorts ceilings.  A wall-hung mirror is great for getting ready and reflects light to make the room feel larger.  Hang jewelry and accessories on the wall to add color to the room and increase storage.

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