Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Less than $100

Sometimes we all get tired of our bedrooms, especially when you rent and can’t make major changes.  Apartment Therapy has a lot of suggestions for interior design decor on a budget.  

For wall decor, if your landlord allows you to paint the walls, nothing makes a bigger impact than that.  Even an accent wall can make a huge change.  If you can’t paint, try temporary wallpaper or wall decals for a non-permanent change.

Tufted headboards are an incredibly luxe look for your bed, but they also have an accordingly high pricetag.  However, not if you make one yourself using this tutorial from Homemade by Carmona!

Need window coverings?  How about covering some roller blinds in pretty fabric to match your decor?  

Covering your closet doors in temporary wallpaper is another great way to make a big impact of color, pattern, and texture without altering your rental permanently and for not much dough.

Have hand-me-down furniture in a color or style you don’t like?  Repainting or refinishing it is much cheaper than buying new.  You can go the extra yard and add new knobs or paint patterns on it for a one-of-a-kind piece.

Assuming you are allowed to hang things on the wall in your apartment, adding wall sconces on either side of the bed is saves space and looks super luxe like a high-end hotel.

Mirrors are a great way to bounce light around your space and make it look bigger.  You can usually find mirrors at thrift stores and spray paint the frame if it doesn’t match.  Or make a custom mirror using this tutorial.  

Finally, sleep like royalty in a canopy bed.  This how-to will have you feeling fancy in no time!

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