Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where Are All Those New Texans Coming From?

The Austin Business Journal reports on new data from the Texas Association of Realtors showing that Texas had the 2nd highest amount of people relocating in 2015.

553,032 new residents came to the Lone Star state in 2015 with Californians leading the charge.  65,546 of the newbies were from the West Coast state.  Florida was number two in sending new Texans, but was far behind with just 33,670 sunshine state residents switching allegiance.

However Texas also had the third highest number of residents leaving the state with 445,343 people heading out.  41,713 of those people moved to California and 29,706 moved to Florida.

When the outbound and inbound migration is considered, Texas saw 107,689 new residents, an increase of 4 percent over 2014 when the number was 103,465.

As far as moving within Texas, Houston and Dallas each sent about 13,300 people to Austin and Los Angeles and New York City each are responsible for about 2,550 new Austinites.  Austin is still one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

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